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Five Tea Celebration Ideas for Mom during Covid Isolation

Celebrate Mom's morning by serving her tea & toast in bed.

This is an easy idea that even your youngest can help put together. Some ideas might include

fresh squeezed orange juice, a fresh plucked flower or even a dandelion necklace. Dress the toast

by using a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a jam heart or a cheese heart for her toast. Let's the

kid's navigate you way in this Dad with all the imagination of a child.

Flowers or Herbs in a Teacup

Present Mom with a little potted plant or herbs put into a teacup. Cut flowers are nice too!

Have a Virtual Tea Party.

This can include family & children that are not residing with you. This is a great one to include

Grandma's in. Pre-plan this by contacting those you want to include in the celebration by calling

them ahead with a day & time so everyone can be ready with their own tea & goodies. Add a

bit of extra fun by using a theme. This can be something as simple as goofy hats or maybe

old costumes. then on that day & time do a "ZOOM" meeting. Here's the link

Tea for Two

A more intimate setting to be sure. If your a hubby & your children no longer live with you, this is

a great way for you to show your appreciation for the Mom of your children. Lots of add ins for

this idea too! Present her with your gift of jewellery, flowers, chocolates, cupcakes, scones, card

etc. etc. at this time. She will absolutely love you for this.

To plan an intimate table for two applies to anyone living in he same household as Mom.

Daughter, Son, Grandchild or even a pet.

Pull out all the stops. Set a lovely table! She is so worth your effort.

Garden Tea Party. This one is for fair weather only. Nothing holding you back if you get a beauty

day to celebrate Mom. No matter if you plan this on a patio, a deck, a balcony, in your backyard.

Maybe you have a secret place that no one else know's about.

Shhhh!!! We won't tell anyone. Smiles!

So lay our the blanket & have a tea party picnic style, or maybe you can spoil her by setting up a formal table outside with all the trapping you can muster. Flowers, tablecloths, fancy dishes,

napkins, balloons. The works. Nothing but the best for your Mom!

Just as a note: If you are celebrating Mom's Day alone this year as I will be That's okay too. Celebrate the the Mom you are. You are precious and worth every little indulgence

and gift you give to yourself. There is no greater LOVE than your's!

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