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Cookie Secrets

We've got a few cookie secrets to share with you!

These tips will make the best chewy/crispy cookies you have ever made.

I have been baking cookies for a long time now (not saying how long) just know it's been a while!

We at TeaZehri bake our in house cookies always following these basic rules.

1. Most good drop cookie recipes will have 1C. butter, 2C. sugar and 2 eggs & vanilla., plus the

rest of the ingredients.

2. This is most important!!! Cream soft butter 2 minutes, add sugar slowly, beat this mixture another 2

minutes, then add both eggs & vanilla. Beat an additional 2 minutes. This can be done with a hand

mixer or stand-up mixer. (A total) of 6 minutes) We call this the "Two Minute Rule".

3. Exact measuring in baking is very important.

4. Do not cheat on the ingredients. If you don't have enough of an item or plan on substituting: Don't!

It doesn't work.

5. Don't over bake. If the centers seem a little squishy still, that's fine as they will finish baking out of

of the oven on the hot cookie sheet.

6. Use parchment paper

7. Cool one to two minutes on hot cookie sheet then transfer to a cooling rack.

Hope you enjoy your next batch of cookies!

Featured are our Oatmeal, Toffee, Chocolate Cookies, with either a Strawberry Chocolate Latte or a Gypsy Kiss Iced Tea.

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