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The Emerald Isle

When not partaking in a Guinness, the Irishman consumes, on average, 6 cups of tea per day! Even with a relatively small population of 3.9 million citizens, Ireland still consumes 24 million cups of tea per day!

Tea and Ireland go way back actually. The beverage was first introduced to Ireland in 1835 by British traders when Ireland was still part of the British Empire. Ireland could always count on a steady supply of tea as they relied on British importers for their fix of tea, that is until WWII when Britain was forced to ration foodstuffs of all kinds, tea included, throughout the entire empire. Much to the dismay of the British government, during the war, Ireland declared itself neutral in the global conflict. This was viewed by the British as an act of subversion and thus they cut Ireland's tea ration to nearly nothing. Ireland was not fazed by this action however as the Irish government decided to set up their own tea importing company: Tea Importers (Eire) Ltd. Tea drinkers all across Ireland rejoiced and continued on drinking one of their favourite beverages.

In tribute to Ireland and it's hardy spirit, we have our Creamy Irish Breakfast tea, which is a lovely bold blend of East African, Ceylon and strong Assam black tea varieties. This tea is wonderful on it's own but is lovely with a bit of cream as well. Get yourself a little taste of Ireland here.

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