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Why Ethically Grown Tea

In today's Global Economy it is important that different cultures and countries be recognized for the products they produce and sell. Almost "ALL" teas are grown in developing countries. It is important that we acknowledge the fact that tea is a commodity for these countries. As such "Tea" is often sold in the same way as wheat, rye, canary seed & other agricultural produces avaliable on the world market. Or, it can be purchased ethically.

What's the difference:

Large retail companies may chose to purchase tons of tea from a given country using the commodities purchasing method. This results in that company getting great pricing. It would be nice if they passed those prices along to the consumer, but no they don't. What they maybe passing along to you is inferior tea. How so? Not to many questions get asked as to where in the country of origin is this tea being produced. We have all heard the horror stories of products being sold into our country that have been grown beside toxic waste sites, or garbage land fills. etc.

We are the difference:

We often get asked "Where do your Teas come from?" Answer, we choose to deal with companies that "only" chose to purchase Ethically Grown Tea." Believe it or not, these companies are few and far between. It was a choice "TeaZehri" made to ensure we are getting the best teas available in the world to "You", our consumer and valued customer.

Ethical teas are Estate grown only.

A company representative (from our wholesale company) goes directly to each estate.

Quality of the Tea is numero uno.

Fair employment practices must be in place.

Adequate housing must be available for workers and their families.

There must be access to education for the workers children.

And lastly the workers and their families must have access to good medical.

TeaZehri believes that developing countries must be respected for their export products and not taken advantage of. We expect that with our Canadian Export Products. These countries deserve that too.

Top 10 Tea Producing Countries

1. China (1,000,130 tonnes)

2. India (900,094 tonnes)

3. Kenya (303,308 tonnes)

4. Sri Lanka (295,830 tonnes)

5.Turkey (174,932 tonnes)

6. Indonesia (157,388 tonnes)

7. Viet Nam (116,780 tonnes)

8. Japan (88,900 tonnes)

9. Iran (83,990 tonnes)

10 Argentina (69,924 tonnes)

Loosen up and let your tea be free from a bag. The full flavor of good quality tea can only be truly appreciated this way.

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