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Fall In Love

With Our Autumn Teas

We have a lovely line-up for you this season! Spicy and Sweet, Sure to warm up your taste buds and toes.

ORANGE SPICE DECAF BLACK: An Autumn spice blend with orange pieces with out the caffine kick.

CARAMEL CHERRY CHEESECAKE BLACK: What a yummy blend. Add a little honey or sugar and milk to push this one over the edge of insanely good. Minus the calories of actually eating cheesecake.

CINNAMON ORANGE FUSION BLACK: If you are a cinnamon lover, you will love this in house blend.

PUMPKIN SPICE BLACK: What can be said.......Takes me back to Grandma's kitchen and her Pumpkin Pie. Try this as a latte. You won't be disappointed!

SUGAR SHACK SMOKEY MAPLE BLACK: If you ever thought the flavor of BACON should be introduced into a tea blend, well, this is it. This tea is so aromatic, you will think you have taped the syrup in your own backyard. Delicious.

VANILLA CHAI BLACK: Go ahead, get comfy, relax, maybe read a book, or maybe light a fire. This combo of Vanilla mixed with ginger, cinnamon, black & white pepper, cloves, calendula, nutmeg and more will have you wishing you had a bigger mug. Also great as a latte.

CRAN-APPLE TISANE: (tisane - a mix of fruit and herbs) Heart warming, this blend optimizes the essence of Autumn. Cranberries and Apples. What could be nicer, and no caffine

PEACHY GREEN: Ah homemade canned peaches in the fall. Do you still preserve our past, even if it's in your memory. Enjoy this tea and let it take you back to a time when FALL kitchens were abuzz with wonderful smells, colors and textures.

GINGERBREAD MAN BLACK: Yup, this is one of those teas that wafts up your nose and warms the cockles of your heart. The aroma is fantastic and the taste is of Autumn spices. I always think about the gingerbread men our local bakery would hand out this time of year when I was a child.

BELGIAN CHOCOLATE ROOIBOS: (Rooibos - is not a tea, but rather a bush that grows in South Africa) The beauty of Rooibos is that it has the quality of enhancing whatever flavoring is being blended with it. This truly tastes like Belgian Chocolate. Oh, bonus..... goes great with anything chocolate!!

AUTUMN is truly a remarkable time of year. To everything there is a season......

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