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Tea-tilating Truths about Tea

Tea has been drank since ancient times. Then it was in an unadulterated form of pure tea leaves, mostly consumed for it's medicinal properties.

I am not chatting about herbal teas, or tisane (fruit&herb) teas, but good old tea leaves and buds picked from Camellia Sinnensis (tea plants - a species of evergreen shrubs).

Many popular tea brands of today would have you believe that there products have health benefits and by consuming their products, that somehow you will be living a cleaner life. HOG WASH. Fact is; if you are drinking tea from the grocery store already prepared for you in nice little toxic bags; you are essentially going to consume tea "Fannings". The unwashed remains of what is left after the good tea leaves and buds have been screened. These "Fannings", also contain high amounts of "Pesticides", "Toxins", "artificial ingredients" and "GMOs".

Ah....but buyer beware not all merchants selling "Loose Leaf Teas" are created equal either. Tea is a huge business these days, and like magicians; the big players in retail loose leaf tea, have conjured up many ways to lure you into buying their products. You will know the companies I am referring to, if you have ever had the experience of having a booming big cannister full of flavorful tea wafted under your nose. Not to put you off, but, to add to your enjoyable experience; if you choose to purchase any of these delights, you are also getting the added benefit of purchasing a tea that may have had everyone else's nose in it too! this seems a bit too NOSEY for me! Add to this, that these companies may not buy ethically or sustainability . What the heck does that mean!....Gonna save that one for another blog.

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