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Loose Leaf Iced Tea Made Easy

Many of our customers love our iced teas we have for sampling and take out. Many of which are our very own blends. There are very few teas whether Black, Green, Rooibos, or Tisane (Fruit & Herbs Mix) that don't make great Iced Tea. Tisane's are a favorite when it comes to making iced tea with home blends like Azul, Cha Cha Colada, Cran-Apple, Gypsy Kiss, Lemon Mango Montage & Nutty Cocoa Bean. We also have some great Green Tea Home Blends that make wonderful Iced Teas too. Cherry Kyoto Rose, Florida Strawberry, Peachy Green, Rhapsody Raspberry, and Tropical Blue Mango.


Rule of Thumb: 1 teaspoon per 8oz cup (if you are going to be using an Ice stick)

2 teaspoons per 8oz cup (to make a concentrate)

Place measured tea in a teapot or heat proof container.

Add Sugar or honey (3 Tablespoons per Gallon of finished product) at this time. (OPTIONAL)

Add the appropriate amount of boiling water according to the above rule of thumb.

Infuse : 3 minutes for green (otherwise it will get bitter)

4 minutes for Black (otherwise it will get bitter)

10 minutes or more for Tisane

10 minutes or more for Rooibos

Chill in Fridge.

As a concentrate: Use fill beverage container half concentrate and half ice

Using an Ice Stick? Pour unconcentrated tea into container and add an ice stick.

Iced Teas can be fun. Add sparkling water or a light sparkling wine. Fruit can be added either directly or frozen in ice cubes. PS. The kids love our Tisane Teas, especially the Bubble Gum Yum.

All our Home Blends are exclusive to us and available in store or on our on line store . Free shipping over $30.00 anywhere in Canada.


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