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Blueberry Bliss

Did you know that Blueberries are so high in nutrients that they are considered "nutraceuticals"? Nutraceuticals are foods that are naturally high in health giving additives and have much medicinal benefit. And good news, this month is blueberry month, as July is peak harvest for blueberries!

Blueberries are actually native to the Americas and North America is responsible for 90% of it's growth and production! Blueberries started as a wild plant, but during the early 20th century they became more and more domesticated.

Natural selection has made the blueberry more and more desirable, with improved texture, colour, flavour and nutrition over time. Now the blueberry has naturally become so well developed nutritionally that it has been shown to improve eyesight and slow down aging! Not only that but blueberries are high in antioxidants which have been shown to improve heart health, protect and improve the skin as well as lower risk of infections and some cancers.

And now you can get your fill of blueberry in a tea! Our Blueberry Bliss flavoured black tea is blended with high quality Orange Pekoe grade black tea from Sri Lanka. The high grown districts which we source our tea from produces teas that have a classic "Ceylon" character, with floral notes, touches of astringency and a bright coppery colour. This base creates the perfect canvas for the cornflower petals, blackberry leaves and natural blueberry flavouring oil (not artificial crystals) in this tea to shine and create a delightful and summery blueberry experience! Experience your own bliss, Blueberry Bliss that is, by clicking here.

Or if you prefer non-caffeinated beverages, our Blueberry Bomb flavoured Rooibos tea is an explosion of blueberry flavour! Blended with Choice Grade #1 Rooibos that gives a mildly sweet and malty flavour to this blend along with natural blueberry flavour, elderberry, raisins and apple pieces, cornflower and hibiscus petals; this tea is sure to please. Find it here.

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