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Mango! Mango!

The "King of Fruit" as it is sometimes known, mangoes have been cultivated for centuries and is one of the most commonly consumed tropical fruits in the world!

Originally, mangoes have been grown in East India, Burma and the Andaman Islands around the 5th Century BCE, but are now cultivated in just about every corner of the globe!

Aside from being delicious and sweet, mangoes have long been associated with tranquility, harmony and peace in the eastern world. Legend has it that Buddha himself would often seek rest in a grove of mango trees. In some parts of India it was believed that mango trees were a sacred symbol of love and some even believed mango trees could grant wishes!

Even to this day Hindus hang fresh leaves from mango trees outside their doors during Ponggol, the Hindu New Year, as a blessing for peace in the New Year.

Mangoes are not only delicious and seen as a sign of peace and even love but they are also great for the health! Mangoes are high in antioxidants which may help prevent cancer. Mangoes are also high in vitamin A which promotes good eyesight and, with the help of vitamin C also found in mangoes, strengthens the immune system. Mangoes also contain many enzymes which may aid digestion. Not only that but mangoes when eaten and even used externally on the skin may improve the appearance and health of skin, specifically in helping clear pores and eliminate pimples.

Here at TeaZehri we think that mangoes are a symbol of all of the above; peace, love and health. Not to mention, they are undeniably delicious!

Want more mango in your life? We can help; we've got a mango tea that will suit any mango lover!

Our Mango Mango tea is a flavoured black tea that is blended with high quality Ceylon tea, mango pieces, lime leaves, calendula and sunflower petals, which lends this tea a delightfully sweet and sunny quality, perfect for brewing iced tea.

We also have our Ginger Mango flavoured black tea, for a bit of a kick to balance the sweetness of the mango. Blended with high quality Ceylon black tea, ginger and mango pieces, calendula and sunflower petals for very mild floral notes to round out the tea. Find our Mango Mango and Ginger Mango teas here.

Our Tropical Blue Mango tea is a flavoured green tea that is blended with Sencha green tea, that has been made to Japanese standards, pineapple pieces, mallow petals and natural mango flavours. This tea is perfect for you green tea lovers who also enjoy mango. Find this tea here.

For those that prefer non-caffeinated beverages we've got options for you too!

Our Misty Mango tea is a flavoured rooibos tea, blended with choice grade #1 Rooibos tea, mango and pineapple pieces, blackberry leaves and calendula petals. The rooibos lends a mildly sweet and malty base and the mango and pineapple give a tropical sweetness. This naturally caffeine free tea is great for everyone! Find this tea here.

And our Lemon Mango Montage Tisane tea is an especially great summer tea. Blended with apple, rosehip and lemon pieces, hibiscus petals and natural mango flavours. This tea is also naturally caffeine free and naturally sweetened by the fruit pieces in this blend, making it an excellent iced tea! Find it here.

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