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Carnival Caramel

Ah caramel, a classic and delicious confection. It pairs wonderfully with so many things; Ice cream, popcorn, apples, brownies, cakes, the list goes on.

Caramel actually owes much of it's legacy to the famous chocolatier Milton Hershey. Before beginning his business in chocolate, Hershey made a confection, that was normally made by grandmothers, using butter, sugar and vanilla, a popular treat across the nation. He created the Lancaster Caramel Company and then sold it in 1900 for the incredible sum of one million dollars. The company then became known as the American Caramel Company; which, believe it or not, actually had it's own bank notes printed!

The buttery sweetness of caramel makes it so easy to love and the ideal flavour for a dessert tea! We were inspired by caramel's presence at the carnival, from sweet caramel squares to the classic caramel apple; the natural next step, we think, is tea!

Our Carnival Caramel tea is blended with high quality, orange pekoe grade, black tea from the top three tea growing regions of Sri Lanka. With slightly floral notes, slight astringency and bright coppery colour, this black tea is the perfect backdrop for butterscotch, calendula and sunflower petals as well as natural vanilla and caramel flavours to take the stage. Bring back some summer carnival memories with this tea, get yourself some here.

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