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The Great Drum of Heaven

Not only considered by some to be an aphrodisiac, Pomegranates are actually quite good for overall health. It is said pomegranates have anti-viral and anti-tumor properties. Pomegranates are also full of antioxidants (three times that of wine and green tea!) and vitamins such as vitamin E, A, C and folic acid. In fact, the high antioxidant content of pomegranates has put it on the list of 'Super fruits'. It is also said that eating pomegranates may relieve some symptoms of: stomach disorders, cancer, dental conditions, osteoarthritis, anemia and diabetes!

The islanders of Madagascar have always known pomegranates to be a special gift of creation. In their native tongue it is known as 'Ampongabendanitra' or 'the great drum of heaven'. Numerous uses of this versatile fruit were discovered by the Malagasy people, with little of the fruit being wasted. They used the leaves to make ink, the skin was used to make treatments for stomach ailments, bark was used as a vermifuge (for ridding the body of parasites), and the fruit was used to make wine!

We were so inspired by the pomegranate that we decided to create a tea that features this divine fruit along with ever-so aromatic orchid vanilla, high grown Ceylon tea, lime pieces, safflower, calendula and sunflower. All this resulting in a diverse cup of tea; with wine like notes of pomegranate, astringent fruity touches and of course a velvety smooth vanilla finish. Get yourself your own little bit of the great drum of heaven when you purchase our Pomegranate Vanilla flavoured black tea here.

Thank the heavens for this delightful fruit, we certainly do!

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