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Frozen Wine Tea?!

Ice wine! The difficult to produce but unique and delightful beverage that we've taken inspiration from.

Ice wine is produced when the grape is frozen solid on the vine and harvested at a maximum temperature of -10 degrees Celsius! The frozen grapes are pressed and what results are aromas of apricot and honey, a fine balance between fruity flavours, sweetness and acidity and finally a beautiful golden or rich deep amber colour. Notes of sweet fruit such as apricot, peach and melon are prevalent in the resulting ice wine. To be considered true ice wine, the wine must abide by certain rules that have been set out by the Vintner's Quality Alliance (or VQA for short), one of which is that the grapes must be naturally frozen - never artificially frozen. Ice wine is also made predominantly made with Vidal grapes, as they have a thick skin, which enables the grape clusters to withstand the elements. Ice wine is particularly difficult to produce, not only because the grapes have to withstand the elements, but also because crows and because other birds find Vidal grapes to be especially tasty and because conditions have to be just right to make true ice wine. After all of the element withstanding and surviving hungry birds, the wine undergoes weeks of fermentation followed by a few months of barrel aging.

We couldn't resist blending the world of Ice wine with the world of tea, so we created our Icewine flavoured black tea! We've blended this tea not only with high quality orange pekoe grade black tea from the top three tea growing regions in Sri Lanka, but also with white tea, raisins and Ontario Ice Wine! This tea, in all it's iciness, is not only great hot during the winter but it is also great iced during the summer! Get yourself a little taste of the unique and rare flavour of ice wine with this tea, find it here.

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