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A Tea Fit for a Royal Garden Tea Party!

It's almost May, spring has sprung and that means that we are nearing the time for the Queen of England's royal garden party at Buckingham Palace. We can assure you it's quite the affair; the Queen invites between 3,000 and 4,000 guests. Delightful nibbles are served, such as: cucumber and watercress sandwiches on white bread, smoked Scottish salmon paté, delicately flavoured Earl Grey cakes and most importantly, tea!

The invited are guests from the far flung reaches of the British Empire. The common thread is that they have all made contribution to the British Commonwealth of Nations. Guests rub

shoulders with lords, ladies, earls, dukes and duchesses from the aristocratic British society! At around 3:00 pm the Royal Family makes their entrance, mingling and chatting with the guests.

The tea served at this royal event is a long time favourite and a delicious and harmonious medley of high grown pure Ceylon Earl Grey, with malty notes of Assam black tea from the Borengajuli estate in India, as well as notes of soft and floral jasmine from the Fujian Province of China. And to top all that off is a bit of flavourful Dimbula Ceylon from Hatton and golden East of Rift Kenyan tea from Kambaa and Kagwe. And there you have one of the most delightful, flavourful and diverse teas known to the British Isles!

Become a part of the annual tradition that takes place in the west gardens of Buckingham Palace by getting yourself some of this wonderful blend of tea. Visit our online shop to pick up some of our Buckingham Palace Garden Party tea.

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