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Dazzle Your Friends!

Butterfly Blue Pea Flower #1, this herbal tea infuses like no other. The color is an amazing dark turquoise blue. But here's the best part, Add a little lime wedge and watch the color change to a royal purple. This is a fun tea, and it is suggested that honey be added as it can be a little bitter for some. Makes wonderful iced tea. Add a little libation, serve over ice and watch your guests' eyes light up. Serve with a wedge of lime that your guests can add to the beverage and they will be amazed at the color changes. Purples and pinks, A very showy tea. Any of these processes are best viewed in clear glass teapots, mugs, tall glasses or large wine glasses if iced or served with a little liquor.

This herbal tea has a bounty of health benefits. It is reported to be a memory enhancer, antidepressant and possibly help some anxiety issues. It may also help with Alzheimer's disease and amnesia. Additional benefits are: hair strengthening, aids urinary problems, stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the whole body, provides antioxidants and boosts the immune system.

This tea is just a lot of good for you and not to mention fun! Explore with it. Available at TeaZehri located at 2109 20th street Nanton, Alberta or shop online here!

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