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100% Ethically Sourced Teas

Good tea can come from many places in the world. GREAT TEA comes from estates with sustainable business practices. Our teas are sourced out by suppliers that go directly to these estates before purchasing. There is a very high standard to be met for quality, once that is established the following criteria must also be met; our teas come from estates concerned with their workers welfare, including but not limited to:

- Proper housing

- Education for their children

- Access to good medical care

Tea is considered a commodity to be traded by many countries. Large companies may choose to order their tea via a broker of a given country. This means that although your tea may come from China, India, etc, however, you will have no idea as to the conditions under which it was grown, Is your tea safe to ingest? Also, when tea is proffered in this fashion, you have no way of knowing if the welfare of the workers and families is considered.

Buy great tea from excellent sources; TeaZehri teas meet all the highest standards in the industry.

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