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Orange Blossom Romance

We shared the romantic story of how Amaretto was invented. This week, we take you back to Italy in the 17th century with yet another romantic story, about a princess, a botanist and the discovery of an orange blossom!

During the 17th century, a botanist made the discovery of a particularly fragrant type of orange blossom, which he decided to name “Neroli Bigarade” after Princess Nerola, the daughter of the ruler of the town in which it was found. Word got to the princess that the blossom was named in her honor; she was so delighted that she took to wearing a perfume made of the fragrant blossoms. And some legends claim that the botanist and the princess fell in love and were married! However, as town records of the time are few, these claims remain unsupported. But we like to think that the legends have at least a little truth to them. Over the following centuries, orange blossoms would quickly come to symbolize the western ideal of love and marriage and their popularity only grew. The blossoms were used in everything from garlands to bouquets! At the time it was said that the scent of orange blossoms could cause anyone to fall in love!

While we can’t guarantee that our Oolong Orange Blossom tea will cause anyone to fall in love, we’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love with the tea itself! Blended with semi-fermented oolong from Taiwan, Ceylon black tea, Jasmine petals and dried orange pieces that recreate the fragrant aroma of Victorian era orange blossoms. Get yours here!

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