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The Gypsy Kiss

Add a little "Olde Time Romance" to your Valentine's day with our "Artizan" Gypsy Kiss Tea. Inspired by a romantic story of how a handsome Romanian Gentleman, Constantine Penachuk, wooed a Stavely, Alberta homestead girl, Alice Tinkess. Theirs was a two year long chaperoned romance, ending in marriage. According to Constantine, it was his "Gypsy Kiss" that stole her heart. We at TeaZehri were so inspired by this romantic story that we just had to make a tea in tribute.

Gypsy Kiss is a herb and fruit mix known as a "Tisane Tea". A lovely blend of apple, strawberry, apricot, papaya, rosehips, currants, calendula petals, hibiscus petals and natural flavorings.

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