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A special smoked tea from the Fujian province of China. The Fukienese word "souchong" means "subvariety" - that is to say it is the leaves from a different section of the Camelia Sinensis plant (or the Tea plant) that grows in the Wuyi mountains of Fujian. The word "Lapsang" means "smoked by pine wood".

When Lapsang Souchong tea was first imported to western European countries it became became quite famous and sought after on international markets, no doubt, due to it's unique and distinct, smokey aroma and flavour.

The best Lapsang is produced in the nature reserve located in the Wuyi mountains, where the high mountains with their thick pine forests and heavy mist provide the ideal environment for growing high quality tea.

Legend says that Lapsang Souchong and the method by which it is made was discovered by accident! During the Qing dynasty an army unit was passing through Xingcun (also known as "Star Village") and they decided to camp in a tea factory filled with fresh leaves awaiting processing. When the soldiers left and the tea workers could return to the factory they realized that it was too late to dry the leaves for the tea to make it to the market in time. So they lit open fires of pine wood to hasten the drying process. Not only did the tea make it to the market on time, but the smokey tea was a sensation!

Lapsang is produced by the following process: leaves are first withered over fires of pine or cypress. after pan-frying and rolling they are pressed into wooden barrels and covered with cloth to ferment until they give off a pleasant fragrance. The leaves are fired again and then rolled into strips. They are then placed in bamboo baskets and hung on wooden racks over smoking pine fires to dry and absorb the smoke flavour.

Get yourself some Lapsang over here.

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You're most likely to think of a small bright red berry when you think of this delicious fruit, but Raspberries actually grow in many different colours, from the usual vibrant red to dark purple, golden yellow and even black!

Not only do the colour but the species of raspberries vary widely as well! There are several different raspberry varieties from varieties that are native to Europe, Australia or even the Himalayas to varieties that grow here in North America, a 'wine' raspberry variety that is commonly used to make raspberry wine to blue raspberries and more!

Different cultivars of the perennial thrive in a wide a range of hardiness zones, anywhere from a hardiness zone level of three all the way to nine! Certain species even need a bit of frost to grow properly! For example, some North American varieties require a cold season, a bit of frost and maybe even some snow, to go dormant and then re-awaken in the spring to grow and produce fruit when the weather warms up! Some species of raspberry even grow as far north as the arctic!

Raspberries are rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. They might even improve the appearance of skin, raspberries contain a fair bit of vitamin C which might help reduce age spots and discoloration, they might also prevent or improve the appearance of wrinkles, and protect against harmful sun rays. You can even use raspberries directly on the face as a mask! Raspberries may also help boost the immune system and overall health, not to mention their high nutrient value which makes for healthy eating!

Raspberries have a long history and are thought to have existed since prehistoric times. Wild raspberries are believed to have originated in eastern Asia, but some species also originated in the western hemisphere.

Sometime during the early 900's King Boleslav I or Boleslav the Cruel as he was also known, ruled what is known today as the Czech Republic, and was purported to have loved the fruit. As raspberries grew (and still grow) prolifically in Bohemia. It's too bad this delightful and mellow fruit couldn't calm the king down some, as it is said he killed his own brother St. Wenceslas, so that he could take the throne!

If only Boleslav had some of our various raspberry tea blends, he might have been a little more calm.

We have a raspberry tea for every raspberry lover!

For those raspberry lovers who prefer non-caffeinated beverages we

have our Parisian Raspberry rooibos tea, blended with choice grade #1 rooibos and dried raspberries. Simple yet, full of flavour and relaxing. Find it here.

For those that prefer a bit more caffeine, or for those who just like black tea, we have our Razzle Raspberry flavoured black tea blended with Orange pekoe grade 'Ceylon' black tea, white tea, raspberry, mango and rosehip pieces and a few rose petals. Bold and fruity with gentle floral notes, this tea will delight and surprise. Find it here.

Lastly, for the green tea lovers out there we have our Rhapsody Raspberry green tea, blended with a high quality Sencha green tea, made to Japanese specifications, and dried raspberry pieces. Another simple option allows the bright freshness of the tea and the slightly tart sweetness of the raspberries to shine. Gentle and invigorating. Find it here.

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  • Holly Harper

Looking for a reset after the holidays. We have an excellent Artizan Crafted Tea made in house that will "Balance" you out again/

This teas ingredients are:

Ethically sourced Kenyan & Sencha green tea, sweet ginger, sunflower & calendula petals, lemon and lemon rind.

Why blend two teas green teas together? It has been proven that teas grown at high levels exhibit unusual high counts of antioxidants. Research conducted at Guelph University (Ontario Canada) indicated that direct sunlight at such altitudes combined with pure clean air boosts the leafs photosynthesis. A win/win for this wonderful blend. This tea is considered a UHP-AT (ultra High Polyphenol antioxidant tea) .

The ginger will add a little spice to your step, and the lemon kicks the taste up a knotch.

Great for a cold or cough, add a little honey to sooth that sore throat and away you go!

Order on line at TeaZehri.ca or visit our store on Main Street in Nanton. Visit our Google Page or FB Page for store hours and location.