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Introducing our Dandelion Root Organic Herbal tea, a natural and invigorating option for those looking to embrace the many health benefits of this powerful plant. Our dandelion root is sourced from organic farms and carefully harvested to ensure the highest quality in every cup. With a rich and earthy flavor, this herbal tea can be enjoyed on its own or blended with other teas to create a truly unique tasting experience. The dandelion root is known for its detoxifying properties and is often used to support liver health and digestion. Brew a cup of our Dandelion Root Organic Herbal tea and experience the pure, unadulterated goodness of nature's bounty.

Dandelion Root Organic Herbal

  • Herbal Tea



    Dandelion root raw.


    Grade: #1 grade.


    CAUTION: persons allergic to chrysanthemum, daisy or iodine should not use this tea.


    Not a replacement for medical treatment - please consult with a physician.


  • All teas are non-refundable and non-returnable.

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