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Tropical Blue Mango

The blue mango, mysterious, enchanting, beautiful and delicious! It's no wonder it has captivated so many. An Indian writer, named David Davidar, once said of the blue mango; "[it is] astonishingly beautiful" and recounted how the fruit glints blue in the dark green leaves of the trees. In Thai, the fruit is called "The Brahmin Who Sells His Wife", which commemorates the legend of a Thai man who fell in love with the fruit and sold his wife for a basket full of them! Another Eastern legend says that the meat of the blue mango is so sweet that after eating only one, you won't be able to taste sugar for three days! And did you know that mangoes have been widely cultivated and exported for millenia?!

This mysterious and legendary fruit most definitely deserves a tribute, so we've commemorated it's reputation with a delightfully fruity and exotic green tea. Blended with a Sencha style green tea produced in the Hunan province of South Eastern China that has a smooth and almost honey-like character to it. We've then paired it with sweet and tart pineapple pieces and smooth mallow petals to compliment and enhance the bright, exotic and sweet mango flavour of this delightful tea. This tea is not only perfect when hot but when made iced it is also a wonderful refreshing treat on a hot summer's day. Sit back, relax and transport yourself with this tea to a sunny and warm location where the delectably sweet blue mango grows abundantly. Get your Tropical Blue Mango tea here.

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