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Ciao Amaretto

Legend has it that the aromatic liqueur made from almonds, burnt sugar and a blend of 17 herbs and fruits, known as Amaretto was made by the daughter of an innkeeper in Sarronno, a small town near Milan, as a “love potion”. The legends says that in the 1500’s the young woman was posing for a local artist that had been commissioned to paint a fresco in a local basilica, the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie.

While posing for the artist it is said that she became so smitten with him she immediately began concocting the liqueur to win his affections. And as the legend goes, it worked! Now roughly 500 years later we have this magnificent beverage, which has inspired us to create a tea just as aromatic and romantic as the liqueur it is inspired by! Our Ciao Amaretto tea with it's warm, enticing almond notes, light cherry notes and subtle floral notes, will not disappoint!

​Get yours here!

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